How Mortgage Calculator Works In UAE?

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Using a mortgage calculator UAE, one can easily determine what one is required to pay for one’s favourite real estate project in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. This helps one avoid contacting any agency to discuss financial feasibilities until one works out all details on one’s own and gets ready for a mortgage loan.

What is a mortgage loan?

It is the best financial tool to purchase real estate property conveniently. This mechanism consists of arranging for any financial institution like a bank to bear a big chunk of the price of any property on behalf of the buyer who has to pay them back.

Mortgage calculators

This financial tool used in UAE can help one determine one’s monthly EMI’s and repayments for a home mortgage in UAE. Check how terms of the loan, interest rates, as well as extra payments impact one’s budget and monthly payments.


Buying a home is one of the biggest and most crucial investments taken up by several salaried individuals in their lifetime. Hence, it is not an easy process to buy a home. One is required to set an upfront budget before even looking out for properties.

Emirates NBD home loan calculator helps one avoid falling for a property that one cannot afford. They help in setting a budget such that one can adjust amounts of down payment, loan, interest rates and learn how one’s payments can change.

One’s specific rate of interest will depend on one’s DSR (Debt Service Ratio) and overall credit profile. DSR ratio is the sum of all current cards and loans plus new mortgage payments, divided by gross monthly income. UAE banks stipulate that the DSR ratio must be below 50% at all times.

Basic components 

mortgage UAE calculator includes the following details:

  • The total value of property: the complete cost of the real estate that one wishes to buy
  • Mortgage loan amount: it is the loan amount that one desires to borrow from a bank. This amounts to purchase price minus down payment. 
  • Down payment: It is a percentage of the property prices which one has to pay upfront from one’s pocket. 
  • Term of repayment: This is the time in which the loan must be paid back in full. This is typically 30-, 20- or 15-year terms.
  • Interest rate: It is the percentage of loan which is charged as the cost of borrowing.

In sum, this is the way a home loan EMI calculator UAE or mortgage calculator of UAE works.

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